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Sierra Oosten Front Fender Installation



These instructions will help you understand how to install the front fender on your bike.

Here is a picture of the bolts that should be attached to your bike.

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Step 1 The front wheel should be removed/not installed yet. If you look at the forks, there should be two small bolts (BOLT 2) threaded in near the dropout (wheel slot). 

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Step 2 You are going to want to remove these bolts (BOLT 2), as you will be installing the fender legs here. The bolts should be 4mm Allen head bolts.  

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Step 3 Line up the fender legs with the holes near the back of the fork. If you install the legs on the front holes, the wheel/tire will not fit in the fender/dropout. Screw in the bolts (BOLT 2) that you just removed in Step 2. Make sure the washers are on the outside of the fender legs.

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Step 4 Line the fender attachment plate with the back of the fork. You should have a longer bolt, two washers and a nut for this attachment (BOLT 1). The head of the bolt and one washer will go on the front of the fork. It must go through both holes on the fork and through the plate on the fender. Then add the second washer and the nut on the end.

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*All these bolts just need to be hand tight, if you want a torque spec, it will be around 4 Newton Meters. Nothing more. If you were to over-tighten, these bolts could snap and/or damage the frame. *

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