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Handlebars Installation

Assembling your new bike is one of the most exciting tasks ever, we agree. One of the components you’ll need to install upon receiving your new bike is your handlebar, follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be steering in no time!


The tools needed for this job are: a 4mm hex key and the supplied Entity torque wrench.


First thing to do is prepare your work area. Detach the Velcro straps that secure the handlebars to the bike, spin the forks so your stem is facing the front of the bike and remove the stem faceplate using the 4mm hex key.

Next step is to ensure the cables are correctly routed, they should be all in front of the headtube and forks and show no twists or sharp bends. As a rule of thumb your front brake cable should be in front of your rear brake cable, once you have the bars in place.

With the bars centered on the stem and the cables correctly routed we can start reinstalling the faceplate. For that we want to tight the faceplate bolts evenly in a cross pattern, ensuring correct alignment and force distribution. In other words we want to lightly tighten the bolts in small increments following this order: top right, bottom left, top left, bottom right.

Once the handlebars are in place we can then perform adjustments to the bar rotation and control angle, in order to achieve the most comfortable riding position. Go ahead and try different options while sitting on the saddle until you find the desired position.

Now we have found the perfect handlebar position we can then use our Entity torque wrench to tighten the faceplate bolts to 5Nm. Now you're at it, it’s good to double check the torque on the stem pinch bolts as well, which should also be 5Nm.

If your bike comes with a quill style stem, the process might differ a little. If that's your case, please refer to the video below.

And there you have it, how to properly install the handlebars on your new bike. Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or concerns and happy riding!


Disclaimer of Liability:

Bikes Online endeavours to ensure the quality of information contained in this Help Center is accurate however does not guarantee. Inadequate professional knowledge can lead to serious accidents to self and product, Bikes Online are not liable for any damage or injury resulting from these attempts. This applies particularly to damage resulting from incorrect repairs, adjustments or services. If in any doubt you should send your bike to a professional store, mechanic or qualified specialist. Bikes Online gives no guarantee or accepts liability for any of the information contained in this Help Center.

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