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Ex-demo Bikes Explained

If you're the type that likes to save a buck, our ex-demo bikes may sound interesting. How about buying a nearly new bike, with maybe some small cosmetic damage, at a generously discounted price - sounds great, right? We know - and that's why we feature our ex-demo bike range.

Ex-demo bikes are bikes that suffered small damage in transit or were returned under the Free 14-Day Bike Returns, which means in most cases these bikes have barely been ridden, or not been ridden at all.

The reasons a bike is classified as ex-demo may include:

  • Small scratches or superficial damage caused in transit.
  • Bikes used for outdoor promotional photo shooting.
  • Bikes returned under our Free 14-Day Bike Return.

Once these bikes arrive to our workshop, a professional mechanic will unpack, assemble, inspect and test ride them prior to classifying them as ex-demo. Any additional work required is also performed at this stage, ensuring the structural integrity, working order and safety standards of the bike.

All cosmetic or superficial damage found is photographed and reported on the product page, so you can have peace of mind of knowing what the blemishes or scratches will look like. The discount is set in accordance with the damage, differing from case to case.

It is important to note that with ex-demo bikes, you may get components in "as new condition". For example, in a worst case scenario, bikes will have done less than 10km of riding, which means that all wearable components, such as bearings, chains, cassettes, chainrings, hubs and pads are all fresh and will have a full life cycle. In those circumstances our mechanics will do their absolute best to thoroughly clean all parts from any dirt acquired, however it is not always possible to remove, for example from tires or other hard to reach places. Needless to say, all ex-demo bikes are fully covered by our Bicycles Warranty Policy from the date of purchase.

As a preparation process for the ex-demo range, our qualified mechanics will:

  1. Unpack and meticulously inspect the bike for any damage.
  2. Replace any component that suffered structural damage.
  3. Assemble, tune and test ride the bike.
  4. Document any damage found on the bike post inspection and service.
  5. Repack the bike, create the ex-demo product and input the adequate discount.
  6. The bike is now ready to be sold as an ex-demo.

Please see the pictures below for some examples of the superficial damage you may find on your ex-demo bike:

Now you know you're covered from any major issue when shopping our ex-demo range. We hope this article has helped clarifying any questions you may have, if not please make sure to contact us.

To shop ex-demo bikes, click here.

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