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Customizing your bike

When browsing for your next bike you may sometimes consider the possibility of upgrading some parts in order to make the bike more suitable for your riding style.

Components such as handlebars, stem, saddle and pedals can affect your riding position, giving you a more comfortable fit on the bike. Stuff such as your drivetrain and suspension components, brakes or wheelset can have a great impact on the bike’s performance and feel.

Also weight reduction and looks could play an important part when considering upgrading or customizing your bike, so here are some tips if you’re down for that when shopping with us.


As an online retailer, we do not offer ongoing mechanical services but we are happy to assist with any upgrade you’re willing to do to your bike. In other words, our team or gearheads is always ready to provide you with relevant advice regarding compatibility and different customization options as well as finding the most appropriate components for your specific case, within our extensive range. However, we will not perform any modifications to your bike prior to dispatching it to you - you’ll be responsible for the installation of the new components.

If that’s your case and you do need assistance choosing the correct parts, please contact us and once you’ve received all the goodies we recommend taking your bike to your local bike shop to have the components installed by a professional mechanic.

Check out our National Service Network, where you will be able to find bike shops near you and also mobile bike mechanics that can come to your home or workplace and service your bike on the spot.

We hope this has helped you with your upgrade and customization decisions. Please feel free to contact us with any related queries and happy riding!


Disclaimer of Liability:

Bikes Online endeavours to ensure the quality of information contained in this Help Center is accurate however does not guarantee. Inadequate professional knowledge can lead to serious accidents to self and product, Bikes Online are not liable for any damage or injury resulting from these attempts. This applies particularly to damage resulting from incorrect repairs, adjustments or services. If in any doubt you should send your bike to a professional store, mechanic or qualified specialist. Bikes Online gives no guarantee or accepts liability for any of the information contained in this Help Center.

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