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Periodical Maintenance

Beside being a lot of fun, bikes are also a way of transport that require regular maintenance just like a motorbike or a car. With increasing amounts of riding time there are adjustments, wearable parts inspections and safety checks that become necessary.

We have gone through a few important characteristics of your bike in this article, to provide a guiding hand when it comes to maintaining your pride and joy.


Like any other vehicle, there is a long list of wearable components on every bike that will require periodical inspection and eventually will need replacement. See below a comprehensive list of those components:

  1. Chain or carbon drive belt

  2. Cassette, freewheel or rear cogs

  3. Chainrings or chainwheels

  4. Brake pads and rotors

  5. Tires and tubes

  6. Handlebar grips, bar tape and STI shifter hoods

  7. Gear and brake cables and housing

  8. Hydraulic brake fluid and hoses

  9. Bearings and bushings (BB, headset, hubs, pedals and frame linkage)

  10. Rims (in case your bike is equipped with rim brakes)

  11. Suspension and dropper post seals and fluids

  12. Carbon fibre components

  13. Wires and electric connectors

To increase the longevity of these components it is important to keep your bike clean and well lubricated at all times. We recommend rinsing your bike down after every muddy or wet ride and lubricate the chain every other week or so.

Maintaining your bike clean and lubricated is not all you have to worry about. It is critical to get your bike inspected and serviced by a professional mechanic periodically. 

As many of these components will wear at a similar rate, the higher the frequency you give your bike a service, the easier it’ll be to identify potential issues on several different parts, consequently saving you money in the long run.

If you ride your bike every day we recommend taking it for a service quarterly. If you ride every weekend, twice a year would be a good service frequency.

In case you are riding a mountain bike, please refer to your suspension manufacturer servicing chart to have a better understanding of the frequency it should be serviced. It is important to say that warranty may be voided in case the service intervals performed on your suspension components do not follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Apart from wear and tear, other factors may contribute to your bike requiring special attention. Under normal riding conditions, it is not uncommon for a bike to lose fine adjustments when it comes to gear indexing, brake performance and handling.

For the mechanically minded, we have put together quick how to guides on how to adjust your gears and your rim brakes or disc brakes.

Due to the vibrations that occur when you’re out riding, many of the fasteners on your bike should be periodically checked to ensure proper torque settings. The main areas you want to check are your cockpit (handlebar, controls and stem), wheel axles, nuts or skewers, seat post clamp, cranks and pedals. 

Not to mention cases where you have a crash or a strong impact. That can also throw the gears out - you can always rely on your local bike mechanic for fixing that. Please see our National Service Network, where you will be able to find bike shops near you and also mobile bike mechanics that can come to your home or workplace and service your bike on the spot.

Like any other vehicle, please make sure to give all the TLC your bike deserves. This will guarantee your safety and also improve the quality of your rides. Hope this helps you to keep in mind the lifetime of your components and the special care your bike will benefit from.

If you have any questions about bike maintenance or service intervals, feel free to reach out to us on our contact form and happy riding!


Disclaimer of Liability:

Bikes Online endeavours to ensure the quality of information contained in this Help Center is accurate however does not guarantee. Inadequate professional knowledge can lead to serious accidents to self and product, Bikes Online are not liable for any damage or injury resulting from these attempts. This applies particularly to damage resulting from incorrect repairs, adjustments or services. If in any doubt you should send your bike to a professional store, mechanic or qualified specialist. Bikes Online gives no guarantee or accepts liability for any of the information contained in this Help Center.

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