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Dropper Post Installation

Dropper posts are a game changer for mountain biking, allowing you to have your optimal pedalling position for climbing and with a simple press of the lever, you can push the saddle down to slay the descents. This is why a lot of our bikes now come with dropper posts.

Worry not, they aren't too hard to set up as we have done a lot of the hard work for you. We have already cut the cable to length. So all you need to do is insert the cable end with the clamp into the actuator and ensure the cable end sits nicely in the slot.


Before you insert the seat post it’s good to put a bit of grease on the seat post or friction paste if the frame is carbon. Once inserted, pull the cable through at the headtube or at the bottom of the seat tube depending on the bike model to ensure it doesn't kink and inserts smoothly. It is also important to note that the minimum insert line is inside the seat tube.

Next check your saddle height with the post fully extended, this will be your climbing position. Then tighten the seat clamp using your provided torque wrench to the recommended torque on the seat post clamp. If the post sticks, it is possible the seat post is tightened too much, so back it off a little.

Lastly, check to see your dropper post works by holding the lever and pressing down the seat at the same time. To return the post to full height just simply press the lever without any pressure on the saddle. 

A few simple tips if you haven't ridden with a dropper post before. It is best to pre-emptively use the post. So just before you start descending or approaching an obstacle, press the lever while pushing the saddle down using your body weight and just before you start climbing again, press the lever with your weight off the saddle to get back into the optimal climbing position.

If you find the dropper post keeps going up after you try to drop it without pressing the lever, it is likely the cable is too tight, so for a trail side fix you can turn the barrel adjuster at the lever clockwise to loosen it. If the post isn't returning, the cable is likely too loose, so turn the barrel adjuster anti clockwise.

So there you go that’s how you set up your new dropper post on your new bike! Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions or concerns and happy riding!


Disclaimer of Liability:

Bikes Online endeavours to ensure the quality of information contained in this Help Center is accurate however does not guarantee. Inadequate professional knowledge can lead to serious accidents to self and product, Bikes Online are not liable for any damage or injury resulting from these attempts. This applies particularly to damage resulting from incorrect repairs, adjustments or services. If in any doubt you should send your bike to a professional store, mechanic or qualified specialist. Bikes Online gives no guarantee or accepts liability for any of the information contained in this Help Center.

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